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question for you euro tuners...

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why do all the audi's/vw's use "chips" instead of a s-afc or something?

and do you guys use boost controllers on your turbos? or does the "chip" handle that??

maybe i'm to entrenched in the cheap import scene... but we do all our tuning ourselves with afc's and boost controllers and whatnot...

whats the deal?

it seems like it would make more sense to be able to tune the fuel yourself, and tweak little things...

i mean, do you need to buy a new chip every time you mod?

like, you buy some cams... now not only are you paying for cams... now you gotta get a chip to account for them???

do the guys running serious numbers just go to a haltek at some point or something?

i only saw "chips" offering a WHOPPING 360hp!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! ;)

my idea of fun is pumping 25-30psi into a 4cyl engine with a huge turbo without hearing anything go "BOOM" accept 3" cat-less, high-flow muffler..... ;) can this be done on a 1.8L engine like those in the audi TT's?

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Most na german cars people just run chips for stuff like raised rev limiters and a lil remapping. With turbo motors like the 1.8t people use the chip because its like 40 or 50 hp any dummy can install. As far as running sick boost in a 1.8t you can do it and with out spending 6 grand for standalone. The only real issue is larger injectors and custom fuel rails or lack of. If you have a custom rail made or plan on using 475 cc injectors you can use a Greddy Rebic IV to handle your fueling. As far as turbo german cars other then porsches its alot different/difficult to modify to the upper limits then a japnese car. And once you reach a certain. And yes once you reach a certain level standalone is needed , alot of the porsche and vw guys i know like haltech e6k or sds.

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yeah, the explanation i got from some of the audi guys was that "the ecu goes limp when you crank the boost up"

its like fun-protection :tongue:

475cc seems small.... my dsm had 450cc stock and that wasn't enough... people were usually running 660 or 720.... thats kinda where i'm looking to go with this...

longterm goal is 11's or 10's without spending a fortune...

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Originally posted by barslut

Not happening.

apaprently "revo" is working on something like what we had for dsms... where you can just change everything ON the ecu through a laptop....

which will enable me to do whatever i want.... and actually make tuning pretty easy...

i didn't realize how much the ECU actually KNOWS on these cars....

the revo thing is supposed to be around $1k... which is fine.. the dsm one was $600... and didn't do quite as much (due to the limitations of the ecu)

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