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Weightlifting Question

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Originally posted by shroomy

you should get brest implants.... why waste all that time in the gym?

i dont know if your trying to make a joke or if your serious cause if you are first of all look at my cp name second of all im a guy when i say small chest i mean not much fat on it at all i really hope that you were trying to be funny because if not then i feel sorry for u

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Less reps with more weight isn't going to cut it o r get you big. If you use less reps and more weight then your going to have to greatltyy increase the volume of your sets (most likely double them). You need to keep your reps in the range of 8 - 12 to get blood pumped into the muscle thereby achieving hypertrophy. With the expection of the really big powerlifters, many powerlifters aren't huge for their size, but they are very, vey stroing. Olympic Weighlifters too. They always go 5 or less reps. Less reps and more weight focus's on the conditioning of the Nervous System and not the muscle.

Do some reading by Loiue Simmons. He is one of the world's most reknowned powerlifting coaches. Once again in this forum you will not get good answers. You will get people shooting from th hip that don't know jack shit.

This after all the 'Substances and Abuse' forum.

Check out this link. http://www.elitefitnesssystems.com/. Go to the articles page. It will tell you why low reps and higher weight works the Nervous System.

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Originally posted by daillestmattyg

i dont know if your trying to make a joke or if your serious

You obviously haven't read many of my posts.....

when id doubt (and most of the other times) I am being a smart ass, or dumb ass depending on your point of view.

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