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partEEEEE in Vegazzzzz

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I was just reading through the messages posted....and noticed lots of people are comin to Vegas this weekend..... yippittyfawkinskippittydoooodahhh.... Memorial Day weekend....RAWKS here. I thought some of you might wanna meet up and get :drunk::updown::screwy::roll: :goofy: KRUNK :balloon...hahhaha. I love meetin kewl new peeps.....If you're a jackfawk or drama queen ... Hope your trip to Sin City is fun...BUT....I know enough of your type already taking up space here...hahaha.. o O 0 Drugzzzz, fun, rawkin roll, bad azzzzz Vegazzzz hozzzz..... :clap:

*~*~Play like an all star ...... partEEE like a rawk star.....and.....FAWK like a porn star~*~* :spank::hump:

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Damn, it's a little past memorial day, but 4th of July is coming up and we're planning a trip to Sin City. Is there anywhere to find out what's going on club-wise before getting there???

Anything special happen for the 4th? :dj: I imagine it's quite a party. I'm interested in club/techno/trance music, not hip-hop

b.t.w. Love your quote vegaspartygurl, :kiss2:

any suggestions would definitley be appreciated


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