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You know I juest realized that

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ironing shirts sucks. I had about 8 to iron and after the 3rd I was like forget this I'm getting them cleaned and pressed. Why do I tend to buy shirts that need to be ironed instead of non press shirts. Stupid, :: bangs head on wall::: Stupid me

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Whats up man

I feel you, and it does take alot of time to iron

but try to search the internet on tips to iron clothes.

I know for some shirts i dont have to iron becuase i dry clean low, and hang it up afterwards while its a little damp.. it helps alot

Hopefully i can help

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I NEVER iron... can't remember the last time I had to fire it up... I don't even fold my clothes at the laundromat, lol, I just fold them or hang them up as soon as I get home. Even if they're a little wrinkled at the time I put them on the hanger, they always come out.

Oh, there's also some new detergent I saw a commercial for the other day, that's supposed to help decrease the need for ironing. But I forget which brand it is.

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Ugh I hate ironing, such an annoying and tedious process....For shirts that would normally need ironing, I just lay out flay to dry, then throw them in the dryer to release the wrinkles, and take out right away and hang up.....

Otherwise, if it's an emergency, I just ask my mom :D

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