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WTF is wrong with her?! (christina aquilera)

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can we please give chrissy a break ? its getting outta hand. these photoshop pics are giving her a bad rap...

she was cute when she came into my life...and i still think she's hot. even if she gained a couple of lbs when she wasnt in the limelight...is that reason enough 2 discredit her ?? she deserves better, coz i've seen worse.

oh boy, i love christina :drool:


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MTV tells Aguilera to tone it down

Knight Ridder Newspapers

Jun. 30, 2003 09:24 AM

Christina Aguilera is back to her dirrty ways, and the pop tart's latest attempt to push the envelope is causing quite a stir over at MTV, the New York Post reports.

The video for "Can't Keep Us Down," shot by celeb photog David La Chappelle, somehow manages to outdo "Dirrty" in terms of bared flesh. So, the cable channel has put the brakes on the video's debut and has ordered La Chappelle to tone it down. Seems MTV was particularly offended by a scene in which Aguilera plays suggestively with a water hose.

Understandably, Aguilera is livid. "She doesn't say that a male performer would get away with it, but she does feel that there are double standards," a spokeswoman for Aguilera told the New York Post.

A MTV rep confirmed it requested cuts to both visuals and lyrics, and said that La Chappelle and Aguilera had bowed to the demands: "MTV has a standards department like any other network. We asked them to make changes, and they did it. The video will air."


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