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For Love or Money?

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havent heard of or seen this show until tonight.. the 2 hour finale... anyone watch this? i was kinda shocked that he picked erin, even though ive never watched the show... i mean... u could kinda tell just by her actions how the money influenced her so much... i would think he woulda caught that... but if he honestly didnt have as strong of feelings for paige as he did for erin then i guess he'll have no regrets...

for those of u who dont know what the show is... its like the bachelor almost... 15 girls come on the show to win the heart of this one guy... after the 2nd day they tell the girls that whoever wins will win him and one million dollars. and he had no idea...

after that, the 2 final girls are told that they would have to choose either the money or the guy. cant have both if he chooses u. so they are left with 2 days to think about this...meanwhile the guy is told about the girls having to choose... and he is told that if he can convince the girl he chooses (before he chooses her obviously) to choose him over the money, and she actually DOES, then he gets the girl and they share the million to start their lives together. so if she chooses him, they get both... if she chooses the $, shes a millionaire and she can never see him again... and this time the girl has no idea that she could have both if she chooses him...

it sucks cuz one out of the 2 girls left would have chosen him. and they would have gotten each other and the money. but he chose the girl who pretty much said that she would choose the money. and she did. and he got screwed...

now theres gonna be for love or money 2... where the same girl who won the million, puts her $ on the line for a 2nd shot at love... and becomes the "bachelorette" so to speak. none of the guys know shes been on the show before and won... but have to play the game the same way she did... if they guy she chooses, chooses her over the $, she wins him PLUS 2 million dollars!!!! if he chooses the money, she loses everything. and walks away with nothing.

i havent the slightest clue what i would do in either situation.

any thoughts? would u do it for love... or money???

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