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I still can't believe that...

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there are still people out there who hold stereotypes and dumb, ignorant ideas about virgins.

I'm not trying to be overly sensitive, but it's just so blatantly obvious by some of the people who post here that they have a 1-track mind:

choose to be a virgin: loser

choose to sleep around: ho

choose to pick and choose: ideal

Like they look at virgins as just losers who can't get action, when in reality we can get action if we want. We just choose to have high self-control and save our sexuality for the right person.

just venting :tongue:

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Sexual desirability is a very big guage of self worth in this society. Winners get laid, losers do not. That simple. Now if you choose to abstain, more power to you. You should be proud of the choice you made, however don't fault those who play with the majority for not agreeing with it.

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intercourse is a small part of "sex."

it's very enjoyable with the right person, but so are other sexual activities.

there's no reason why you should have intercourse if the time isn't right for you or your lover.

the only real problem with virginity is that many people do WANT to do that particular sexual activity and don't feel comfortable dating someone who doesn't.

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