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Groovefire @ Pravda - Friday


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What a difference a year makes.

Just about one year ago, we (as 'Groovefire') made our Boston debut for a then unknown company called GLO Promotions at their new Friday night party at Pravda. Since then GLO has taken Boston by storm and GLO Fridays at Pravda have grown into one of the area’s biggest and best nights.

So here we come again, this Friday, our long awaited return to GLO Fridays @ Pravda, with the same style of sexyfunkytribalbootyshakinghousemusic we started the night with one year ago. Hope to see you there.

Friday, July 18th

Pravda 116

116 Boylston Street, Boston

10pm – 2am

21 plus

Proper dress required

For reduced admission, please email guestlist@groovefire.com.

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Originally posted by kaydup

Wait Hoska isnt gonna be there.

I am out :laugh:

Why are u stalking Hoska hmmmmm, :shaky:

hehehehe, cause he rules:tongue: ;)

Originally posted by ras67

Wait, Becca isnt going to be there? I'm out!!! :tongue:

nice, i have a so you gonna stalk hoskar with me?? :confused::tongue:

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it is sunday and i am back to normal after meeting groovefire and their posse on friday night.

basically, it was a great night and i had a lot of fun meeting a lot of great people. i had planned an early departure back home but ended up staying out very late. my wife will be talking to me again sometime next year. i have been grounded at least until then.

the funniest part of the night was when i brought a bottle of zygo to the groovefire base camp after pravde. a new record was set as the zygo bottle was gone in seconds. i did not know you could inhale vodka. i promise to bring more next time.


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my crew was not in the mood for "upidy club euros"


they havent been out since like 1995...

I was forced to sit at trinity and have my brain bled through my ears over some draft beer & smelly kidz.....

wish I could have made it over....:(

Whens our beloved MODERATOR going to be back at pravda.....?

maybe him & Hoska? (nothing against PJ & TH)

make it SO!

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todd, i heard the night was great-- sorry i didnt make it INSIDE... but that was good timing running into all you boys outside the club. i am glad i DIDNT come out afterwards.... i didnt get a whole lot of sleep this weekend as it was! :rolleyes:

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