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Post Pictures of your Most Influential BODY BUILDER...

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Originally posted by elementx

Post pictures of your most influential Body Builder Or health Fanatic...

( I will post some when I get home from work )

i dont have a pic of him now, but my boy competes. his name is Mark and he knows his shit. he is off season at like 285-290 and competes around 230. he is a nutritionist and trainer, so he gave me alot of hints on how to eat and diffrent kinds of workout movements. he is def going to make it to the big time. (actually he was an exenidrine ad about a year ago)

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Originally posted by fineones

attempting to get close to this currently


i didnt put that vin diesel hot shit ..so dont even

sure you didn't put that hot shit :tongue:

damn vin diesel . . . :drool: yummmmmmmmmmmm :drool:

I just love the lower torso, god damn what I would do to him :getdown::hump:

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