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Pioneer CDJ800 vs. Denon S5000?


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Originally posted by pumavisor808

Shouldn't you be comparing the new cdj1000mk2 to the Denon???

No, not at all. The two I mentioned are in the same price range. I'm not about to shell out a grand for a damn cd player.

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If I do settle for the 800, it'sd because it's almosty $200 cheaper than the Denon.

By any chance, do you know how precise the Denon's pitch change is? I tested one of the 800's out, and the most precise pitch change it makes is .05%. I know the CDj changes like .02% or something like that. I'm not sure about the s5000 though. Thanks.

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Originally posted by christianjay

cant compare them,

one is a tray loading cd unit with a controller and the other is a tabletop unit with vinyl feel jog wheel

depends what u want

the denon has wayyyy more features though

and also is known to have problems with the cd drawer's

haha my bad, i got mixed up with the d9000

id take the pioneer over denon tabletop though

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Originally posted by djmattreid

ived used the 5000 before and there just to much stuff on it that you dont use. that piece gives me a headache. i rather use the 2600 or even the 2100. and i also like to pioneer 3000 rackmont cdplayer to. check out those pieces.

yeah, I have the Pioneer CMX 3000 cd decks...but I fucked them up somehow. Every so often, when I put a CD in, the buttons freeze and I can't stop, play, cue, or do anything to a track. I'm actually sending that back and am thinking about getting just one table top cd player instead of another dual.

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