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Originally posted by sexxybabyd

It's a combo between Moth Balls & Icy Hot

The old ladies the swarm the church by my house to play bingo on sundays ALL SMELL LIKE ICY HOT!! Espically taking the bus in the morning cause they are ALL THERE!

But I love old people they are so cute :)

:laugh: youre insane...

i dunno why dg but at the bar i work at i can even smell the wretch on a dollar bill handed to me by an old lady. ok i feel so mean now...

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by i3itch

It's not a matter of the perfume they buy.

I think it's an "Old Lady Odor" + "Moth Balls" + "Perfume" = Their stinky smell. :idea:

and lets not forget the strong odor coming from her depends.

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