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Reason #3 Why I don't do drugs.


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Originally posted by vicman

watch sportscenter & try to top my record. twelve and a half hours straight

Discovery Channel. Have been watching a show about roller coasters for about two hours now. I can't wait til the damn chopper show comes on. I love watching the dude with the crazy mustache bitch at his son.

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Originally posted by vicman

runner is probably still awake from sat. night :rolleyes:

I slept so effing good last night. After hanging with larry saturday night/sunday morning, I didn't want to sleep the whole day of sunday and then not be able to sleep sunday night. So I fought it, had a couple brews and then crashed down like an 8 point buck with 30/06 slug thru his heart. Woke up this morning refreshed and full of energy.

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