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I want to bang a lady that's NOT engaged!!


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this is pretty funny but i met 4 married women and 2 engaged women from suffolk at websterhall on sat. I wound up sleepin with the engaged one on sat/sun mornin and a married one on sun night after work. Thank god for hotels. More reasons why i distrust women everyday.

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

At least when there engaged, they take right off to their finaces' after you bang them...instead of sticking around and taking up air and bed space...

dat be right. you get all the goodies and her boyfriend/fiancé comes up for her financial and loving needs :D

OTOH though, if you´ve fucked 1 or 7 girls that have had boyfriends, you get real trust issues. but then again you notice that you can´t do anything against it anyway... except to give your girlfriend the best time sexually and emotionally so she won´t go astray :)

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