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  1. any older cp heads

  2. Is that you Spamford Wallace?
  3. F**k Me I’m Famous: DJ David Guetta

    Incredible Post... No really it is.. You hope you get laid b/c you wear some tshirt, that is soooo creative... If I see someone with that tshirt on, im def pushing them into on coming traffic just hoping that said person is danceshake01! Your that person in the club or at a concert with the djs/band shirt on.. I hate these people, your a SUPERFAN, and you want everyone to know it. Your so excited and you just cant hide, your about to lose control and you like it, like it! danceshake01 has been through alot of hard times in danceshake01's life, and the djs/bands helps danceshake01 get through the rough patches in danceshake01's life. Danceshake01 is a bigger fan than I b/c danceshake01 has that oh soooo uber sleek tshirt on.
  4. Attn Vegas

    I will be seeing you tomorrow morning @ 11am sharp!
  5. Who do you miss?????

    I miss Kaydup and Marcblemberg
  6. where is derek c.?????

    Derek has been in jail for about 2 years. Got picked up on trafficking, and some other warrants. D started to get too deep in the scene and started to spiral out of control. he got hooked on oxys, then switched over to H, cuz he couldnt afford them anymore. Hes in the county jail for a few more months, we are having a coming home party when he gets out. Going to play dominos, eat some chicken off the BBQ. Was thinking about seein if D and I might go to the store for some scratch tickets and some milk, hopefully we wont see his old drug dealer in the little red car with the sawed off and that jerry curl. I hope hes using those rubbers I gave him, and told him the Army was no place for a guy like D. Wish that guy never stol his football when we went to go see the dead guy down by the railroad tracks. Im gonna get some Jack IN the Box tonight for dinner.
  7. Tiggggggggggggggger Style......
  8. Remember "Its Friday"

    Used to mean so much, now, not so much.
  9. *** Attention Boston ***

  10. America's Ugliest Dog Competition!!

    Cookster, wait till u see Elwood.. Holy moly
  11. St*r F*ucker! Thursdays @ Underbar

    Go back and read the post, and tell how much of a dumb fuck you sound like.
  12. Got a feeling DiscoKitten

    You get my text yest?
  13. Got a feeling DiscoKitten

    Is back on the prowl... meowwwwwww