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what are "high glycemic" carbs


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a low glycemic diet will def help tone you up, foods such as wheat bread, string beans, broccoli and fruits, etc etc etc, with the proper exercise as well.......................and the right amount of vitamins and minerals

partying on the weekens also helps!!!!!!!!!!!

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A glycemic index is based on how simple of sugar is in the food. For example, strait sugar will be extremely high in the glycemic index while a potatoe will be much lower - even if it has the same amount of carbs.

The reason to avoid high glycemic foods is due to the bodies insulin response, which causes storage of fats. So if you trying to lean up (which has nothing to do with toning, but that is another story) then you need to avoid high glycemic foods.

here are some low glycemic carbs - which are great for leaning

sweat potato


brown rice




way below that would be fruits - but they are so high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, i would not recommend to cut them out. So include them with some low glycemic foods to even it out and you should be fine.j


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