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hey j-lo

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im not sure if u frequent the clubplanet message board scene but

i was just wondering if u want to date for a bit then rush into a marriage ?

cause u seem to be very good at that

I have no problem with u breaking up with me after a few months...thats more then fine with me

let me know ill be here

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Dear Ms.Lopez ,

Now that you and Mr. Affleck have rescinded your vows to each other , would it be possible for me to recieve an Aston Martin Vanquish ala Ben? I understand that it might set you back a manicure or two , but wouldn't it warm your heart to bring joy to young man who much like you grew up in the gated communities of New York City , yet claims to live in the "ghetto" ? You see Ms. Lopez , the two of us are not that different , we both rode the subway at one point , we both have latino friends , and everyone is fooled by the rocks that we rock. Well in closing , I hope I have touched you in the same way you've touched me .

Sincerely ,


PS - can you take care of the luxury tax on that bitch too when u send it ? money's kinda tight up in the ghetto these days

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