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The Joe Shmoe Show

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OK, now this is a good reality show. Has anyone caught it yet?

Here's the deal, the whole show looks like a regular reality TV show. 8 or so people in a house living in "The Lap of Luxury". Only difference... 7 of the people are actors and only one person on the show thinks it is real. So basically it's like the Truman show meets Survivor. They completely fuck with this guy. Make him do all kinds of stupid shit, the chicks lead him on and make him think they like him, on the last episode he balled his eyes out after 'The Grizzled Veteran' got voted off. It's so wrong, and sooo funny.

The vote-off ceremony is the best though. They go into a room where each cast member has their own comemorative plate sitting in front of them. They read off the votes (which are all completely doctored by the producers), and when they pick a person the host takes their plate and says "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you're dead to us" and smashes the plate in a fire. Then the next week they have all the plates sitting there and a pile of plate rubble in front of the people who were voted off.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch it on Spike (the old TNN) at 9 on Tuesdays.

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this show is so wrong, but so right. putting that poor guy in womens lengerie is just hilarious.

imagine the fucking paperwork this dude had to sign as to cover Spike's ass. he could prolly sue for a shitload this day and age. Theyll give him a few 100,000 when he wins though.

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

Def a funny show.......The gay asian guy is nuts... The played battle of the sexes and they put the asian guy on the womans side :laugh:

:laugh: that was killing me.

Host: "We decided to let Kip play for the other team."

Kip: "I decided that a long time ago."

His "gay scarface" accent is fucking hilarious. The host is really good too. Some of the outfits he wears are too funny... how could anyone ever think he was for real?

"But tomorrow night, one of you is going to have to leave the lap of luxury and go back to your menial existence"

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