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1. Because of my work schedule I have to work out from 10-11:30PM. So my question is this: I know youre not supposed to eat before going to bed, but i know you have to get some protein after a workout....so is it that bad if i have a can of tuna or a protein shake 20-30 min before going to bed??

2. Abs...i hate doing abs. I dont have a set routine(s), so i just end up winging it. What are some good abs routine you would recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Captain Hook

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Originally posted by fkornre

so that rules out the 1 liter of soda i drink every night before bed???

probably - you need to stick with a glass of milk and 1/2 of bag of oreo's. hhmmmmmmmmmmm. that is the greatest. I remember the highschool days when I could do that and it didn't matter.

Now if my son is eating an orea - it makes me fat. :(


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