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Here's a little story..

A few days ago my friend asked me for my last name and said it was because he was looking at some family tree..lol so I gave it to him, thinking he's just REALLY bored at work lol.

Today, I'm sitting at work, opening up mail and I see a purple envelope which says Hallmark on the back and says Attn: Irina ******* on the front..I got all confused thinking to myself "why would any of my clients send me a hallmark card"..lol so I open the envelope up to find the most beautiful friendship card that anyone ever sent me...ahh that just made my whole year..I'm so thankful for friends like him


Just sharing my happy moment :D (once again lol)


It's good to Value the things money can buy, but it's good too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven't lost the Precious things in Life money can't buy!. - Bettie B. Youngs

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