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hello from NYC

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What's all y'all? Good to see that the board is finally catching on in London. It is really a great way to get shit together, and we could not live without it here in NY. We are all pumped about S&D at Twilo X-mas party tomorrow night!

A couple of quick questions about London.

1) When I studied there I went to Ministry twice, and it was really not all that great- I felt like they had advertised the place on television... any comments on that?

2) I was at a bar/club that was right off of High St. Kensington-across from the subway. It is like underground, and across the street from a Church--what is the name of the place?

3) I was denied from some place in Farringdon called Turnmills- what is that place about-music, etc? -fuck them

4) I heard that there is a club where there are speakers in the floor-true?

5) (and finally) - how is the E across the pond? 5-o have been coming down hard on the trade here, and in the clubs you can't be as obvious about it as you used to be...

Alright, sorry about all the Q's-- any questions that y'all have over there, I will be happy to answer them. Plus, I have hookups at Twilo and Tunnel if anybody decides to visit....peace

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top man for posting here - from someone who came out to ny and was blown away by twilo (s&d, naturally!!) subliminal, DT!! aswell as louie vega's night at vinyl.also 'entertained' the people we met in in nyc over here to great effect (ask dirtyslapper!)

1 - minisrty advertise their albums etc on tv as records are the biggest selling thing for them - its a multi million business now & the club is just a small fish in a big pond!! - some nights its crap and some its good - eric morillo does his subliminal night in there & its superb but then its a hang out for tourists who are only interested for the name not the music and if you're not into house music ....... need I say more?

2 - not sure on this one mate - sorry!!!

3 - this club is superb & its a shame you never got to see the light - its small (800) so they are tight on some nights as it gets full (again - ask dirtyslapper what she thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!)

4 - this is fabric and its the best club in london (just shading the end - sasha is a monthly resident and diggers plays every few months)

5 - its alive and kicking

hope these answer your points and take care mate! (ps - I'm pretty pissed due to xmas activities so sorry if these answers are crap!)

any contacts in nyc are welcome so feel free to stay in contact !!

[email protected]

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Nice bassboy, i'm in NYC too, but have found alot of people in clubs and at parties for say, "bragging rights", rather than for the music. You don't seem that way, figures you'd be posting to people across the "pond". Anyway, PVD, i always loose my head. I got a small crew there, but nobody from this "board" thingee, if you're good people i'd like to meet ya. See ya round!




*i'm gone*

"What board?" cwm1.gif

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Answer to Quesiton Two: I THINK I know where you're talking about.... My matey goes there loads casue he lives round there. If it's the place I'm thinking of, it's something like Velvet Underground. Although I may be thinking of somewhere else... goddam this 'E' induced short memory span! smile.gif

Skateboarding is big with the people who do it, but isn't exactly massive here. Although some areas are infested with people who love it, like Stevenage where you can't walk along the street without someone knocking you over on skateboard. (I don't mind it, I just don't like getting hurt by it!)

And as for Fabric and Turnmills both banging clubs! Love them. Especially Fabric where I is becomming a bit of a regular. YOu know it's like that when the bouncers start to remember you! Although I think the bouncers @ Bagleys will always remember me as the girl they had to strip down to her little undies whilst outside and FREEZING! (bloody catsuit!)


Stay Twisted :)

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