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that one special woman...

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sum women just have a thing abt them, i cant describe it, its not just their physical beauty but the way they carry themselves...that makes them so...special!

its really tuff for me to describe this, because these women are hot but yet they're not like the other hot women...theres sumthing abt them that makes u not just wanna fuck them, but actually BE with them, and enjoy them for who they are....they exude this...AURA so to speak thats just not of this world...they mite not say a word to u but just a glance in ur direction, maybe eye contact, maybe a smile, will be enuff to brighten ur whole day...no im not in love and im not talking abt infatuation here, its just sumthing i've noticed in a few very select women

now i have seen plenty of really hot women but to date i have only seen TWO such women who have this special thing abt them, fortunately one of them i get to see often, the first one i just saw once at a supermarket, and she was STARING at me, prolly just playing mind games because her boyfriend was rite around (somewhere) but whatever

have u guys ever seen such women? they're special and really really rare...

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I know exactly what your saying .................... my guess (thanx to a show on the TLC channel) is that the Female Phermone ( the womans perticular scent ) has something to do with it . I have read research on that Olphactory (Smell) is just as important as Visual when "being attracted" to someone is concerned .

PS.. and no , im not talking about Perfumes (CK-gucci etc) ,,,,, just natural hormonal scents that both men & women pertrude from their skin ALL for the biological reason of Attracting the OPPOSITE SEX .


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