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"Hussein Was Sure Of Own Survival"


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BAGHDAD, Nov. 2 -- Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) refused to order a counterattack against U.S. troops when war erupted in March because he misjudged the initial ground thrust as a ruse and had been convinced earlier by Russian and French contacts that he could avoid or survive a land invasion, former Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz has told interrogators, according to U.S. officials.

The rest of the article

So with that being said:

  • Fuck Russia
  • Fuck France
  • Fuck Saddam and his chickenshit coward little asshole
  • Fuck Everyone who said Saddam wasn't plotting shit [see article for "secret programs"]
  • Fuck France and Russia again. I knew they were backstabbing swindling little fucks. France moreso than russia
  • Fuck all the idiot Insh'Allah assholes that are killing US soldiers to prove they won't be controlled by anyone
  • Fuck all the idiots over there who said "we shouldnt bomb the red cross because it wont do any good to hurt someone that is trying to help us...."
  • Fuck all terrorists. Therefore Fuck a LOT of arabs and their violent ill tempered "kill your neighbor if he isnt muslim" beliefs
  • Fuck the Mullahs
  • I am done

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