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Sean Cusick Nov 4, 2003 @ Orange


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Orange presents: Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Sean Cusick

(Balance Promote)

Not only is this John Davis b-day party, but Sean Cusick will be here to get the party going so we all can get our dance and drink on.

Sean Cusick's definitive blend of sexy house and techno has firmly established him as a globally recognized dj and producer. His unique range of music has put him more and more in demand, placing him in the honored spot behind the decks with dj's such as Sasha, John Digweed, Josh Wink, Terry Francis, Nick Warren and Global Communications to name but a few.

Sean Cusick is an artist who has been a very significant figure behind the progressive movement. Along with his partner and friend, Jimmy Van M, they were the first to bring Sasha and John Digweed to the United States for their Northern Exposure tours. As a DJ originally from Orlando, Florida, he most recently held a residency at the infamous Twilo in New York until its closing, and as a producer has released tracks as half of Freelance Icebreakers along with Jimmy Van Malleghem, half of Second Hand Satellites with DJ Three and under his own name.

Before its well documented closure, Sean could be found most regularly at his monthly residencies in the illustrious Twilo. Performing each month with Sasha and John Digweed as well as his bi-monthly residency there with Anthony Pappa., but his career as a dj has spanned a decade. 1997 saw him securing a residency at Firestone in Orlando, Florida. Since then he has broadened his itinerary to include gigs across America and beyond, encompassing such places as Greece, Prague, and South America.

His production work has been just as prolific. Along with Jimmy Van M, he formed 'Freelance Icebreakers', whose latest remixes can be found on Flying Rhino and Bedrock. their remix of Bedrock's ‘Voices’ was featured on Sasha and Digweed's massive selling mix compilation, ‘Communicate’. He has also produced tracks with house veterans Sam Mollison (‘Dreams’), Mick Parks (‘Eight Mile Sound’), and Gaetan Schurer (‘Unbound’). His most recent pairing with Three from Hallucination records resulted in their first single ‘Multiple Mirrors e.p.’, which has received critical acclaim and constant play from such djs as Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Lee Burridge, and Doc Martin. it can be found on the new Tyrant compilation as well as Doc Martin's most recent mix compilation. Sean also began a solo project called the 'Sean Q6 thing', focusing on house/techno and down-tempo funk.

Whether compiling a radio mix for Digweed's weekly Kiss FM show, or layering intoxicating beats for a crowd, Sean Cusick is the one to watch.

PS: For those of you who we promised a Eddie Richards mix....they are done and will be giving them out. See you all there.

Upcoming Dates of Note:

December 2: Gideon Jackson[ Swag Records, London]

December 9 : Onionz [big Chief, Avalon NYC]

December 16: Matt Dimond

December 23: Christmas Party

December 30: New Years Party

January 13: Scarlett Etienne

February 24th : Tyler Stadius [Fabric]

Also look for a revamping very soon of the Orange website.

Orange @ THE KELLS

every tuesday night

With Resident John Davis, Dev, and Pat Fontes

161 Brighton Ave , Allston MA

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