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Originally posted by stymie


even though i already answered this question on the other board, i don't want to make you seem like a nub on here in front of all your friends because oompa didn't respond to your post, so i'll restate that post...

"can't, i'll be reiner'ing the visuals at pravda before heading to RISE to reiner it sik. oops, forgot more k's.... reiner it sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. you going to RISE?"

you answered you would be at RISE. therefore, our conversation is now over and there is no need to carry any further. please advise.


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Originally posted by groovefire

Oompa will you be at Flavalon tonight? Are you going to Rise? Holla back!

can't. just got a new beer coozy and i can't wait to go home, slap some ky inside them, put it between my bed mattresses and pound pound pound. hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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