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The long awaited meetup with Bostonbabe and SF...

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Originally posted by SFsuperstar

i wanna go out now cause it's not gonna snow til later and someone else isn't in the mood...

Its 11:30pm and its NOW a friggon blizzard out there.. Sorry...but i do really want to meet all of you wicked bad, but I cant handle the snow....maybe next weekend...its it still going on next weekend or it this a one time thing or is it open for good now???

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Ohhhhh poor Bostonbabe hahaha. You let the snow stop you i thought you were a party animal. I made it to work bent off my face this sat morning in the snow after another crazy chapter in the Lelo and Spikey book.

Tonight see where the snow takes us again. Maybe Junya at SF hahahaha. So we will see what happens chapter 9000 hopefully will be written tonite.

Lata Peeps, none of you guys can hang NYC style, including you SF and Ms. 420 hahahaha. Just kiddin girls your prob the only ones who can hang.

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