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Muslims, Israelies...and Bush


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Hey... where's that thread where that Xeno kid was going off on Bush. Before I start talking about how I'm boycotting any of the parties he does... I want to make sure I read correct.

Not that u can't disagree with policies... I don't agree with everything he does myself. However I thought I saw negative comments about the troops or something. If u didn't slight them.... you're still alright (I don't have time to sit here all day looking through threads).

However, since we're all currently enjoying the good life.... making American $$$, posting from our computers about this and that, using our freedom to call people dicks, assholes, etc w/o the fear of getting castrated.... just wanted to say this...

WELCOME TO AMERICA...ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM. While our fellow countrymen (of all nationalities) are still dying daily, I hate to see any negative comments directed towards them while we all sit here enjoying the good life!

Carry on dramaqueens! :D

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