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Phunk'dup Review and Tomorrow night

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Phunk’dup @ The Frying Pan

All I can say is that The Frying Pan is one of the coolest venues I have ever played at.

It’s a ship that was sunk and salvaged and turned into a seriously great venue for parties.

Saturday night I had the opportunity to play aboard the Frying Pan in NYC as part of the Phunk’dup Soundsystem’s trip to the US.

First off the crowd reminded me of years ago when people actually went out to have a good time and enjoy the music. Every time the music change a level of intensity a cheer would go up and people were hugging, dancing, smiling and totally into what I and the other DJs on the night were trying to do.

I arrived just in time to go on, due to crap traffic in Connecticut and less than stellar service at a nearby restaurant, when I got there people were all over the ship just dancing and drinking, I passed quite a few people who were talking, drinking and dancing and thought to myself.. “This is gonna be a great night†the vibe was already established.

I played my ususal helpings of house music, a little on the harder techier side because immediately after me was former POD resident and one of the pioneers of the Irish Techno scene, FRANCOIS.

Francois took to the decks with the ferociousness of a crazed killer who wanted nothing more than to destroy the dance floor and prove to the US that he knows techno like no other. He started his set with an older choon “Patricia Never Leaves the house†and just like Patricia in the house… Not one person left the dance floor while Francois ruled over it.

Out of ten… 10.

If you like Techno… You have got to hear Francois play.

After Francois, came the main event!

Dean Sherry and Barry Dempsey... AKA Phunk’dup Soundsystem.

The boys run a monthly party in Ireland that continuously is sold out to 2000 clubbers and Saturday night they proved exactly why that happens.

They play together and cross all genres and spectrums of music as they go and have so much energy behind the decks that if you could harness it I imagine you could power a small town and still have some to spare.

Dean and Barry really know how to party and they know their place at the core of what is going on. It was funny to see them passing out flyers in a restaurant in Manhattan to people that you would never expect to show up but the intensity and the charge that they have totally became apparent when some of those people arrived at the booth to say hello during the night.

They created one of the best vibes I have ever experienced and turned the night from a club night into a huge party.

Tracks that stood out to me were Slacker - “Your Faceâ€, Insperion – “Narcotic Influence†and many other classics that truly are the best of the best.

I have the privilege of having Francois, Dean and Barry play tomorrow night at Orange and I honestly think that if you miss this night you are seriously going to miss one of the events of the year.


161 Brighton Ave,

Allston MA


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