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Double Stacked Suns

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smokesum, ive been rollin on those for about three months now and lemme tell ya, those hits are insane, though more mda than mdma and very very strong

I've been hearing about supermans in nyc area, anyone got any info on those? (supposibly they're better than sunshines)

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I havent done pills in so long but the best pills hands down around my area were Bulls... These were around in 98-99 and they were so strong that I knew people were gunna puke off them and then be fucked up for a day or two. So strong that people would do halves and still be banged up the next day. Anyone ever try these?

The best pill I ever took were either Fruit Loops or White Doves... Then again not everyone gets the same batch, but rather the same name.

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I had one of these on Saturday morning and it didn't do much for me besides keep me awake. Probably just full of speed.

I also had purple ying yangs...anyone ever had these before? The BEST pills I've had so far. The body rush was incredible and I was rolling hard for at least two hours, which is a long time for me.

I also had blue dolphins, which were decent, but I probably didn't feel the full effect since I'd had so many pills before. And marshmellows, which I think were also all speed. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

You know it's a great weekend when you leave on Friday night and don't come home till 7 o'clock on Saturday night and don't eat anything all day on Sat... :bounce:

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the suns are definitely outta this world def more mda than mdma but nonetheless serious headbanger but right now the best are #1's reeeeeediculous those are something else as far as purple yin yangs dont like em theyre weak but the 1's are from another planet but too expensive

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