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Attn: Dale Arnold..


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You are the biggest whiner in the world.. No clue how you have kept the 10-3 spot so long... Oh and Newmy, stick to handicapping horse racing, b/c you have no clue what your talking about... you went to Weymouth South.

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LOL Weymouth South

this is the first time in YEARS i have played new jersey..and now i live there, so it's about time i guess! i had been 2 deko the previous week 2 check it out & was impressed by the loungy layout & nice staff..i wasn't sur ethe crowd would be into my vibe as i got the impression that they were into a more commercial scene, but i was determined 2 make it happen..as it turns out, it was a brilliant gig! much props 2 dimitri & everyone at deko..they went all out! when i got there, they had made s-t-shirts for all the bartenders, dressed the place up, boosted & warmed up the sound & even made a huge sign in the front saying "mister roger's neighborhood"!

u gotta love that! i started very deep & slow & built it up till it filled up at midnite..theis is a crowd that will go 4 anything, but u have have 2 give them things they jknow as well, but they went 4 everything! what a great vibe! i will DEFINITELY be back!

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