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Question for girls.


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Guest gabo
Hell yeah!! having my hair pulled and being told " Im going to FUCK the shit out of you" :drool::whip:

that just gave me chills and goosebumps!!

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The dirty talk and the hair pulling is fine with me....I enjoy it!!love55.gifBut slapping? If he's slapping my ass then yes, but anywhere else ...I don't think so!!

If your all into it and your getting off really hard, From what i seen pulling her hair back while your hitten it from the back and givving her a lite slap on the face seems to really get things more intense. Kinda like you piss her off a tiny bit and you just want to fuck eachother even harder

I also want to say i have never and would never hit a girl in any other context.

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yes to the above

dont slap my face though or call me a whore.. say my name instead or call me baby

He can call me whatever he wants...cause i am his SLUT WHORE & BITCH! Don't get me wrong, I like being called baby, sweetie but when ur having some awesome hard sex..it actually sounds niceeeeeeee and gets me very turned on!!love57.gif

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Do you like getting slapped in the face and having your hair pulled and being told things like " Im going to FUCK the shit out of you, you fucken whore" while your getten fucked.

Seems like a growing trend/

don't like it... hair pulling and occasional ass wipping is fine..

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