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World Series History...

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World Series History: Recaps and Results

YearResultsMVP2003Florida 4, NY Yankees 2Josh Beckett2002Anaheim 4, San Francisco 3Troy Glaus2001Arizona 4, NY Yankees 3Schilling/Johnson2000NY Yankees 4, NY Mets 1Derek Jetertrans.gifYearResultsMVP1999NY Yankees 4, Atlanta 0Mariano Rivera1998NY Yankees 4, San Diego 0Scott Brosius1997Florida 4, Cleveland 3Livan Hernandez1996NY Yankees 4, Atlanta 2John Wetteland1995Atlanta 4, Cleveland 2Tom Glavine1994Not HeldN/A1993Toronto 4, Philadelphia 2Paul Molitor1992Toronto 4, Atlanta 2Pat Borders1991Minnesota 4, Atlanta 3Jack Morris1990Cincinnati 4, Oakland 0Jose RijoYearResultsMVP1989Oakland 4, San Francisco 0Dave Stewart1988Los Angeles 4, Oakland 1Orel Hershiser1987Minnesota 4, St. Louis 3Frank Viola1986NY Mets 4, Boston 3Ray Knight1985Kansas City 4, St. Louis 3Bret Saberhagen1984Detroit 4, San Diego 1Alan Trammell1983Baltimore 4, Philadelphia 1Rick Dempsey1982St. Louis 4, Milwaukee 3Darrell Porter1981Los Angeles 4, NY Yankees 2Guerrero/Cey/Yeager1980Philadelphia 4, Kansas City 2Mike Schmidttrans.gifYearResultsMVP1979Pittsburgh 4, Baltimore 3Willie Stargell1978NY Yankees 4, Los Angeles 2Bucky Dent1977NY Yankees 4, Los Angeles 2Reggie Jackson1976Cincinnati 4, NY Yankees 0Johnny Bench1975Cincinnati 4, Boston 3Pete Rose1974Oakland 4, Los Angeles 1Rollie Fingers1973Oakland 4, NY Mets 3Reggie Jackson1972Oakland 4, Cincinnati 3Gene Tenace1971Pittsburgh 4, Baltimore 3Roberto Clemente1970Baltimore 4, Cincinnati 1Brooks RobinsonYearResultsMVP1969NY Mets 4, Baltimore 1Donn Clendenon1968Detroit 4, St. Louis 3Mickey Lolich1967St. Louis 4, Boston 3Bob Gibson1966Baltimore 4, Los Angeles 0Frank Robinson1965Los Angeles 4, Minnesota 3Sandy Koufax1964St. Louis 4, NY Yankees 3Bob Gibson1963Los Angeles 4, NY Yankees 0Sandy Koufax1962NY Yankees 4, San Francisco 3Ralph Terry1961NY Yankees 4, Cincinnati 1Whitey Ford1960Pittsburgh 4, NY Yankees 3Bobby Richardsontrans.gifYearResultsMVP1959Los Angeles 4, Chicago White Sox 2Larry Sherry1958NY Yankees 4, Milw. Braves 3Bob Turley1957Milw. Braves 4, NY Yankees 3Lew Burdette1956NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 3Don Larsen1955Brooklyn 4, NY Yankees 3Johnny Podres1954NY Giants 4, Cleveland 0--1953NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 2--1952NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 3--1951NY Yankees 4, NY Giants 2--1950NY Yankees 4, Philadelphia 0--YearResultsMVP1949NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 1--1948Cleveland 4, Boston Braves 2--1947NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 3--1946St. Louis 4, Boston Red Sox 3--1945Detroit 4, Chicago Cubs 3--1944St. Louis Cardinals 4, St. Louis Browns 2--1943NY Yankees 4, St. Louis Cardinals 1--1942St. Louis Cardinals 4, NY Yankees 1--1941NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 1--1940Cincinnati 4, Detroit 3--trans.gifYearResultsMVP1939NY Yankees 4, Cincinnati 0--1938NY Yankees 4, Chicago Cubs 0--1937NY Yankees 4, NY Giants 1--1936NY Yankees 4, NY Giants 2--1935Detroit 4, Chicago Cubs 2--1934St. Louis Cardinals 4, Detroit 3--1933NY Giants 4, Washington 1--1932NY Yankees 4, Chicago Cubs 0--1931St. Louis Cardinals 4, Philadelphia A's 3--1930Philadelphia A's 4, St. Louis Cardinals 2--YearResultsMVP1929Philadelphia A's 4, Chicago Cubs 1--1928NY Yankees 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0--1927NY Yankees 4, Pittsburgh 0--1926St. Louis Cardinals 4, NY Yankees 3--1925Pittsburgh 4, Washington 3--1924Washington 4, NY Giants 3--1923NY Yankees 4, NY Giants 2--1922NY Giants 4, NY Yankees 0 (one tie)--1921NY Giants 5, NY Yankees 3--1920Cleveland 5, Brooklyn 2--trans.gifYearResultsMVP1919Cincinnati 5, Chicago White Sox 3--1918Boston Red Sox 4, Chicago Cubs 2--1917Chicago White Sox 4, NY Giants 2--1916Boston Red Sox 4, Brooklyn 1--1915Boston Red Sox 4, Philadelphia Phillies 1--1914Boston Braves 4, Philadelphia A's 0--1913Philadelphia A's 4, NY Giants 1--1912Boston Red Sox 4, NY Giants 3 (one tie)--1911Philadelphia A's 4, NY Giants 2--1910Philadelphia A's 4, Chicago Cubs 1--trans.gifYearResultsMVP1909Pittsburgh 4, Detroit 3--1908Chicago Cubs 4, Detroit 1--1907Chicago Cubs 4, Detroit 0 (one tie)--1906Chicago White Sox 4, Chicago Cubs 2--1905NY Giants 4, Philadelphia A's 1--1904Not HeldN/A1903Boston Red Sox 5, Pittsburgh 3--

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Hey Scott, are you trying to say something on the eve of the sox-yamkee series without actually saying it ??? wtf !!! :rolleyes:

Actually that was not even a thought... I am at work and a co-worker was asking something about the dates that St. Louis won the World Series...

So I figured fuck it. Post it on here...

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