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The JP-Roxy Promo Thread


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Its been a rough couple days

thursday circa THEN headed down the shore

friday it the beach for some r&r then went to djais for happy hour then headed to work at Merge

Merge was slow there was a handful of my friends there so we ended up getting wacked...friday after work we did up afterhours with Jar and Notallthere and some others...till god knows what time...then went home showered and laid down to rest......after being unable to sleep I went to work at Merge.....had some drinks and listened to the best retro metro set EVAH by Mr. Rydell we headed over to TRU in AC. To our suprise we see George Acosta and DJ TommyBoy on the set!!!! Not bad, close the place out around noon and head back to seaside a bit mang. get to my shorehouse and watch a law and order marathon for the next few hours. Jar shows up and its all downhill from there. Went to temps sunday night....still going see the whole digga deelite crew and then some dont really recall cause my mind stopped working at this point then after temps head back to my shore house with a small crew for afterhours.....sandman dissapears...jar is no where to be found just a few stragglers and in my mang state i went to bed around 6 or 7 i think i dont really recall.....spent all day monday and tuesday recovering....drove up to circa today around 5 for the recovery bloody mary's and now Im home ready to start the weekend again.....

the question now is do i go to diva right now or wait and go all out tomorrow???

Ras....too bad you had to go...you missed some "serious" fun but Im sure i filled you in on the text messages.

Dani...got your message Ill ring you tomorrow and give you the details.....youd be proud.

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