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Young girls vs. older girls


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Came across this post from craigslist:

"Here we go:

--Young girls claim they can give great head, for example, but when it gets down to proving it, they often are clueless. Not enough experience.

--Young stuff can't go the distance--I like to hide the sausage for an hour or more, upon each entry--and nearly every young girl I've been with has trouble taking it for more than 15 minutes. They just cant stand up to really vigorous punishment.

--They often require a lot of tutoring and 'bringing along' with regard to exploring their own bodies. There's a lot they have never tried. They dont know the different types of orgasm they are capable of.

--Theyre often slightly selfish in bed, self-centered. Older women, on the other hand, show a really gratifying enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for the opportunity to be with a guy they like, and to have that guy utterly satisfy them. Its not taken lightly and (speaking for myself) I'd rather perform for a receptive audience rather than to someone stuck-up and sulky.

--Older women give better pillow-conversation after sex. They have great anecdotes and history, they're direct, upfront and raunchy and you can have a lot of laughs with them.

--Older women are far more stable and grounded than someone who is just entering their twenties. They know themselves really well, and they know their passions, and they know men. They have no hidden romantic or fiscal agendas, and are pretty happy with just a really good fuck.

--Older women usually dont balk at a request for anal sex. No problem with it at all. They're like "sure, luv it, bring it on!" Thats tough to beat.

--I will agree that sometimes an older woman can own some signs of wear-and-tear (this is natural enough) but I have rarely seen them at a loss, sexually. (In fact, the best sex I ever had was with a 45 yr old).

--Why should a few infirmities make a difference? So a few stretch marks have appeared. Big whoop. Thats just "added character" in my book. If you really, truly love women, it shouldnt be a big deal. I personally think women reach the peak of their beauty in their thirties. A good-looking woman in her thirties is basically a ripening of whatever potential she had when she was 19.

That girl she used to be is usually still there, somewhere within her; but with the passage of time she now has all sorts of wisdom and skill and compassion and humor that make her a helluva lot more fun to be with. In short: you should be able to love a woman at any age, in any circumstance.

I just gotta shake my head at guys who only date young bleach-blonde bimbos: they arent really seeing the whole picture of what women are about.

Give it a try, guys."

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