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People from h.s.

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okay i might sound mean and i apologize, but i just dont understand this...

I was looking through photos on another website of pics from a club and i saw three girls that i went to h.s. with. one looks pretty

but the other two...OMG, one had her skin brown, extra crispy type brown, with frizzy black hair and she was wearing a shirt that exposed her whole stomach that was overflowing onto these horribly tight pants......mind you, she used to have gorgeous blonde hair and the perfect skin color (a very light tan color)...and used to dress absolutely amazingly.

the other one had her lips outlined in brown with white in the middle.

what are these girls thinking!! what the hell happened to these people?!

so many people i went to h.s. with suddenly forgot how pretty they were!!

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ppl from highschool get the gas face~!

...you stole my line, chump!........and there isnt a soul i still talk to from high school.......ironically, i work one town over from where i grew up and never run into anyone from the past.......

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