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Hey there!

I grabbed a copy of the South Beach Diet book on my way home from work last night since from what I've heard, it's similar to the diet you recommended for me. WOW!! I really got into reading about what carbs and sugars to do your body and was so shocked to find out that everything I thought was so healthy (fruit, oatmeal, etc.) and well balanced is really not that great for me. So, I'll be back in about 2 weeks after the strict phase (no carbs, sugar or alcohol) and let you know if I'm doing better and seeing more results. Thanks again for your advice and support! Talk to you soon!


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Shit, a pop up just wiped out my post. Okay, here goes the short vesion of what I just said.

Fruits are extremely "healthy" as they are loaded in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. But, the insulin spike caused by them is counter productive while trying to burn fat. When you reach your fat burning goals, you can add fruit back in your diet, in moderation, of course. Also, you can include a food source lower on the glycemic index along with your fruit. This will lower the overall glycemic index of the meal and the insulin spike will not be as great.

Also, you mentioned fruits and oatmeal in the same sentence. This may have been a typo, but I will address it just in case it was not. Oatmeal and fruits are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Fruits are high on the glycemic index while oatmeal is just the opposite. Oatmeal provides a slow intake of carbs into the system so the insulin levels are not affected. Oatmeal, along with brown rice and sweat potatoes are the greatest carb source you will find. Along with veggies, of course.

I am not exactly sure what the South Beach diet is. I assume it is a low carb diet. If that is the case you need to make sure and take your multi-vitamins.

btw what exactly is the South Beach diet. Is it a low carb diet or a very strict no carb diet.


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I mentioned oatmeal b/c I have been eating instant packets which are higher up on the glycemic index than rolled oats.

South Beach is a program that was developed by a cardiologist to improve heart health vs. using medication and it turned out as a bonus that you can really shed pounds with it (according to the book). It has 3 phases, the first is the strict phase which forbids carbs, sugar and alcohol for 2 weeks (and this is where you're suppossed to see the most results, 8-12 pounds lost). The second phase, you add carbs and fruit back in, but only healthy ones like sweet potatoes, brown rice (no bread) and fruits that are low in sugar (like apples vs. bananas and not every day). The third phase is just when you get to a comfortable point and know what you can and cannot eat w/o consulting the book.

Basically, it's a high protein, vegetable and low-non fat dairy regimen that cleanses your body of bad carbs and sugars. It also has guidelines concerning alcohol and recommends only drinking red wine if you must indulge b/c it has the least sugar. The book has a nice glycemic index broken down by food group that is helpful plus meal plans and recipes.

I highly recommend reading it (even though it sounds like you already know all of this), I found it very informative and helpful and it explains why the diet you recommended to me yesterday is good and works to burn fat. I couldn't put it down last night and can't wait to start it!

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