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culinary schools nyc...


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anyone know of good culinary schools in nyc, or nassau county area that are worth enrolling into for a potential career not just for entertainment or hobbys sake... i remember there are a few ppl on here who've gone or are currently attending, just wanted to get some feedback... thanks in advance...

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anyone know of good culinary schools in nyc, or nassau county area that are worth enrolling into for a potential career not just for entertainment or hobbys sake... i remember there are a few ppl on here who've gone or are currently attending, just wanted to get some feedback... thanks in advance...

c.i.a. i think its upstate but im not sure

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y'know, if its the degree you want, go to cia in hyde park ny. well respected school. however, if you want to really learn about cooking and the restaurant business, as another option, i would recommend going around to the really great restaurants,talking to the chefs, and offering to work for free in exchange for the experience and knowledge....you could make the rounds, working with alot of greatest chefs in the world there in nyc, not pay a dime, and get a genuine taste of what the business is really like, from alot of different perspectives....i never went to school, but we get interns fresh out all the time, and i cant believe how deficient their education is(usually)...it really seems like a waste of time and money(really great chefs are working, not teaching in school)....not to mention that even with the degree, you still end up starting at the bottom when you get out.

just a thought...good luck.

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good points, however the only reason why i would go these schools is to get a degree so i could get my foot in the door... however if youre saying its not neccessary, how does one go about getting in without experience???

by opening that door and stepping through.....and being willing to work your ass off.

look, its real simple, just think about what i'm talking about as apprenticing...

heres a scenario for you- lets pretend i'm a chef...oh, wait, i am a chef( but ive been bartending lately, the moneys better). ok, im the chef, and you walk into my restaurant, or contact me via e mail, or send me a letter, and you say:

" hi, my name is blahblahblah, and i've been seriously considering a career in cooking, and i have an offer for you....i will work for you, for FREE, a couple days a week(or whatever you can manage), so i can learn from you... i am willing to work very hard and willing to do anything to help in exchange for your tutelage. i dont have experience, other than a personal love of cooking at home and an appreciation of the restaurant experience blah blahblah...."

then i'd be like:

" so let me get this straight, you want to work for me, for FREE, and learn from me and my restaurant?"


" yup."


" well, hell yeah, i love free labor"

labor budgets are very tight in most restaurants, and chef are always looking to cut corners where they can.for example, at my last cooking job we had this one guy do just that, he called, talked to the chef, said he was visiting sanfran for a couple weeks, and was very interested in the chefs cookbooks, used them all the time, and was wondering if he could work with us for a few days while he was here....chef is like sure, c'mon in...he hung outfor like 5 days, asked alot of questions, worked hard to help out, had some free meals, and learned alot in the process...we also had this mexican kid, jaime, work for us for free for 4 months, in exchange for learning how to cook. kid had hardly ever used a knife before, but was willing to work hard, and at the end of that period, we gave him a job doing prep work for us...or, in japan, sushi chefs dont usually go to school, they apprentice.

i'm not saying this is the path you should take, only presenting an option. cooking school is right for alot of people, but imo, they arent really good for much.they dont really seem to give you a real honest perspective, they tend to teach outdated cuisines (ala ollllllld school french and bon appetit circa 1985), in an outdated fashion. doesn't reallly help in the modern world. i dont know what your education was like compared to the real world, but as another example, i had a friend anumber of years ago who was goin to art school to study computer graphics, paying something like 13 thou a year, and they were teaching him programs that were already 5 years out of date.didnt help him a drop. to me that kinda like cooking school. again, its just my opinion( which is backed up by 14 years restaurant experience), but you would get a much better education through the experience of a real world restaurant. it would also show you very fast whether or not this career is for you. food network makes it look great, but man, its WORK..

you are in the city, right? right there you have some of the greatest chefs and restaurants in the world. youve got babo, mario batallis joint,you got daniels, daniel boulouds place, thomas keller of the french laundry is about to open a new place in manhattan, shit he started out as a diswasher at a burger place, you got jean-george vongerichten at jean-george, alain ducasse, douglas rodriguez at patria, etc. etc etc, and about 5000 others doing incredible work. aim high, find the best and give it a shot. if you want.

god, i must have too much time on my hands. hope this helps, and again good luck. bon appetit an shit.

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