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Gunna make a brand new double CD tonight :D

havent made a full length Demo in about a year.

those who have my demo cd know its pretty short....only like 7 songs :half:

anyways.......just taking advance orders on whoever wants one since im pretty bored over here. :)

holla at cha boy!

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when are we doin the compilation 4 hour marathon cd set.

hmmm if you werent going to the levan party i would ask u to swing thru tonight!

as soon as i get outa work ill be doing this CD because some promoter wants a "full length" CD from us. he wants us to show different styles not just dark shit. He came to hear us at second nature and was impressed....but wants to see us in a bigger venue. that place was WAYYYYYYYYYY too small for our sound. Im quite apprehensive working with this promoter but supposidly he can get us big gigs. he just takes a cut (30% :eek: ) of what we make.

i guess we will give him a shot cuz some exposure is better than none right?

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deep, do u make any of your own tracks??

i have been working on my own track for about 6-7 months now.......im having a block on the breakdown and i have no idea what to do with it :unhappy:

i also wanna find a vocalist to sing over the track but that has gone to shit too lol cant find one :half:

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nice, im going to hassle at some point on what u use to make the track :D something ive been wanting to do for the past 6 yrs....i seem to have alot of those...

ive built my shit over a LONGGGGGG time and only now is it coming together

Mac Powerbook G4 with OS X 15" screen

2gb ram / 60 gig hard drive

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Soundcard

korg triton 88 key synth with multiple expansion boards

with multiple expansion boards:

Trance attack

Dance Extreme

Studio essentials

maudio midi interface

Softwear: Digital Performer 4.1 , reason, recycle

Tascam Live cd burner (to record live sets right from the mixer to the CD)

RCA to 1/8 cables to attach the mixer to our MAC if we want to record a part of a certain record into the comp so we can sample it (such as its baseline and other sounds or the vocal...whatever)

not all has been purchased by moi of course. my friend cesar and i have both invested money and our lil "studio" travels between our houses. the only pain is the fuckin keyboard cuz its huge. we got a good deal on the keyboard since it was used. no scratches and stuff just a lil used. nuttin really wrong with it.

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hmmm if you werent going to the levan party i would ask u to swing thru tonight!

we'll get together soon......I've been playing a lot of afro and latino house with mad percussions over a nice 4/4 house beat......along with other stuff as well......

but....tonight I gotta attend the b-day party......

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tracklisting please...

Jetfuel CD 1 60 min

1.Mazi & Lori - your touch

2.Pheobe - i could see (original mix)

3.Jose Nunez - Bilingual

4.Nick K - Wear Dis Sound

5.Aquaculture - Panic Stations

6.Sting - King of Pain (Deep Spell 5am remix)

7.Hardy Heller & Pete Gawtry - Luna Cabana

8. Pheobe - i could see (Deeper's Dark Dub)

9. Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff - All I Know

CD 2 is still in the works :D

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