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I need help downloading and burning


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Im having trouble burning some stuff I download. If the file name ends with .mp3 I can download it and burn it to a disc with no problems. If it ends with .ram , I can download it, listen to it, but I cant burn it to disc. My computer keeps saying "unsupported media" and other junk. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help me out? I clicked on the "help" part of my audio window, but it didnt tell me sh!t about cd burning.



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.RAM is a RealMedia Metafile that can be played with REAL supported players (Real Player).

Your CD player would have no idea what the hell a .RAM file was and wouldnt play it even if you COULD burn it.

These are meta-files. They are not audio or video files, but rather text files used for two inter-related purposes:

1) creating playlists for particular types of actual audio/video files

2) allowing pseudo-streaming of those particular types of actual audio/video files

The Real Media file extensions are usually .rm for both audio and video files. There may appear a third character in the .rm file extension, but this is just further refinement.

As they are proprietary to Real Networks, usually these file types have to be played through one of their players. I said usually, because in particular dAP has been designed to incorporate the Real Media audio codecs as well. I don't know at this point if the Real Media video can be played through dAP.

The layout of a .ram meta-file is very simple, one line for each .rm file that is to be played, exactly as the layout of the .m3u files given above.

No other information is given in the .ram file, perhaps because the .rm files can have their own internal information that will be displayed by the Real Player as the file is being played.

There is a way to get information from the .ram or .rm file to get the music or video but this I do not know how to do unfortunately.


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