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This Frida (11/12) - Spider Club


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Hey Everyone--

this friday (11/12) I'll be spinning at the Spider Club (the VIP of Avalon). I'll be playing an early set from 11pm-1230am and then Kenny Summit takes over. Once you get into the club, you also have access to all of Avalon (with dj rap & palash on the main)

If you'd like to come check it out, you MUST be on a list to enter the club. To get on the list, email me (djmikebugout@aol.com) and i'll put you on.

See everyone friday--flyer is attached



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O shit, opening a room smaller then my basment. Getting big.

Yo im sorry dude, but ur either just not that bright or ur not following nightlife at all... Dont even try to come back with some silly comment for me cause ill just delete. Heres what i will say just to educate u a lil bit... In this great place we call NYC, everybody knows that when it comes to nightlife... It aint the about how big the room is, but whos in it... Spider club is has a very good afterhours party going on fri into sat, lots of industry people there and if u were ever at that party u'd know better not to rank on it just based on its size.

oh yeah and its time to retire that avatar, seriously...

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