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4 all my Fellow Scorpio's


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Scorpio: This is a time for dreaming, for healing and for helping those less fortunate than you. Your instincts can carry you up to your highest ideals, filling you with inspiration and showing those around you how magical life can be.

You may not have your usual sense of humor. You take things seriously and are not easily convinced by others. On the other hand, you do have the power of persuasion and can get people to change their beliefs or ideas. You can easily waste your energy and time if you are not careful here. It is appropriate to pursue your dreams, but you can do it in realistic, practical ways.

You may be super-sensitive physically now so give yourself time to recuperate. You could be feeling a bit tired now from taking on so much responsibility. It is wonderful to help others, but this is no time to sacrifice your health. Take the time to recuperate so that you can continue to help others in the future.

We are the TOP of the Sexual Pyramid


Ruling the House of Sex can either be a blessing or a curse, and a lot depends on how the wily Scorpion deals with this erotic burden. Those mystical and magical creatures born under the sign of Scorpio are quick to channel their raw energy, power and strength into an exploration of their lover's emotions and sexuality. The Scorpion is intuitive and wants to get to the bottom of things, so there's no keeping secrets from this sexy Sign (although they'll surely keep a few of their own). An alluring resourcefulness and self-confidence is also evident in Scorpios, these folks being keenly attuned to what's best for them and how to get it. Anyone willing to take on the Scorpion will be engaging a cosmic power with plentiful sexual urges. The good news? A caring and devoted lover awaits. On the flip side, don't cross them, because those stingers can leave a heck of a welt. :hat:

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i dont mean to hate but maybe i'm meetin the wrong scorpio guys, most of em have been arrogant as hell.....one scorpion i dated went so far as to tell me that the only time a female is in control during sex is when shes giving head or on top, boy did i do my damnedest to prove him wrong.... :)

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