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where the fuck is luztidara?


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I was cramming cucumbers up oldtimer's anal cavity. Sorry it took a while. Shit was madd expanded from previous incursions and I fell inside.


Did you teach him a lesson, you cucumber-cramming, pussy-plowing, mutated-mammary licking, rectum-fisting excuse for a cockpolisher!?!?!?


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Listen disk-ofreak and phillipio and the weirdo that posted the redbull thingy that has nothing to do with the queen b meaning me. I am here in the lab crafting my next wave of attacks on these oral loin massagers. My stay here was getting bumpy and didn't wanna over stay my welcome from you drama freaks. But now I am ready for some nice new battles with our cp luffs like oldtimer and thiago. Anyway... Why don't you all just go scratch your backs and put on your flee collars you bunch of schnard hoofers.


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