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Abdominal routine.....


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What is the most effective ab' workout routine that works for you peeps?!?.....

Ever since i came back from marine bootcamp i've been trying to figure out an effective routine....that can still keep my body in tone. How many x's a day and how many sets of each excerise?


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not really.....as long as u pass ur PFT(Physical fitness Test...in USMC) Every 6 months you'll be good. Keep a perfect score on ur PFT(3 miles under 18 mins, 100 situps in 2 mins and 20 pullups....thats all im really worried about....bout now i just want to know a most effective ab work out routine that works for most people.

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A couple of things...

1) When you're lying down and you have someone standing behind your head and you grab onto their ankles.... and as you're doing leg lifts the person pushes your legs down... best lower abs workout.

2) Another is when you're lying down on the incline and do sit-ups... but as you're coming down, only come halfway down, then up again and halfway down, etc. And for obliques, just aim elbow to opposite knee.

But the main thing to remember is you must do cardio to burn the top layer of fat! I see so many people that aren't exactly skinny doing hundreds of crunches, thinking that will get them somewhere. But situps and any other ab workout doesn't burn fat... it just targets the muscle. So basically you're building muscles, and you still have however many layers of fat on top. And then people wonder why after a year of 200 crunches a day they still have a gut.

Another thing to remember is you can't target specific areas to lose weight. If you want a flatter stomach, you must lose overall weight.

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