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  1. These police searches???

    I see, so because there are searches in Israel yet suicide bombings continue, then we should just give up and do nothing, because whatever we do we will always be susceptible to bombers. Thats some good logic there chief. Terrorists rely on this kind of thinking to gain control over others. I'm glad the majority of people in this country arent as eager as you are to give up and surrender to these terrorists. If subway searches deter or make it harder for these bombers to hit us, then hey I'll take it, since it's better than DOING NOTHING AT ALL, which seems to be your philosophy seeing as you don't offer any other alternatives to searches. By the way you never did answer, what exactly are the "true intentions" behind the war on terror? Enlighten us since you seem to have some kind of inside info.
  2. These police searches???

    Profile people who fit the "profile" of these terrorists: young, male, (sorry but it's true) dark-skinned folk, whether black, pakistani, saudi, jamaican. It doesnt mean you stop every single person that looks like this, it just means be even more wary of those that fit this profile. Lindh, mcveigh, unabomber, were not suicide bombers and had totally different motivations than these terrorists. These isolated incidents do not make the rule. And sure all they would have to do is get a white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes to be a suicide bomber and he might easily slip past a profile, but I dont think there are many white guys looking to blow themselves up in the name of allah. I doubt even Lindh wouldve had the guts to strap explosives to himself.
  3. These police searches???

    and what exactly, mr.moore, are their "true intentions?"
  4. These police searches???

    Racial profiling is ok and makes sense in this situation, but it doesnt mean that cops should ONLY look at arabs. If they see a white guy wearing a huge coat in the summer and a giant backpack, pull the sucker over and search him. To say racial profiling would make it easier for terrorists is ridiculous. Look for anyone who is suspicious, but keep an extra careful eye on arab looking guys. Yea yea its not PC, but neither is flying an airplane into a building. I'll tell you what is stupid though, is if a cop sees a little old white lady and a young arab male, and decides to randomly search the little old white lady instead of the arab because "racial profiling is wrong." Cmon now.
  5. Running

    why do u only do one back exercise? and what are your # of sets and rep range?
  6. Less reps = more muscle

    Drink your weightgainer in the morning for breakfast. Have it all set in a bottle the night before so you can just grab it and run. When your sleeping you're going 7-8 hours without food. Its imperative to get some carbs for energy and protein for your muscles when you wake up, otherwise you're muscles are gonna be eaten away. Either wake up earlier and make time for breakfast, or like I said have a shake all ready to go in the morning. You wont make any gains by skipping breakfast. As for shitting what you eat, of course the more you eat the more you will shit, it is just logical. It doesnt mean it's going to waste tho. You said you ate a lot of fast food, pizza, and ding dongs and ho hos and stuff, so of course you'll shit more of that stuff out since its mostly empty calories. Eat more of the right foods and your body will use it. Also make sure you space it out into 5-6 meals a day. Dont eat a huge amount in one sitting, because then it will definitely go to waste. Spread it out throughout the entire day, every three hours. Try that and then see how the shits go.
  7. Less reps = more muscle

    Is that all you're eating for breakfast, a bagel? It really is the most important meal of the day next to postworkout meal so I hope you're getting some protein along with that bagel for breakfast. And not all carbs are bad. Just make sure theyre complex carbs like oats, grains, wheat, veggies. You dont need the sugary kind except for postworkout and maybe breakfast, although since you have a fast metabolism and are pretty active, I really wouldnt even worry so much about carbs. Just make sure youre getting enough protein, 1.5g per lb of bodyweight, which means you should be getting AT LEAST 225g a day, so if youre not already getting that much, start eating more protein. You definitely need to up your calorie intake too if you want to gain weight. It seems you have only 4 meals a day from your last post and just over 2000 calories? Thats really not a lot. Just to give you a base of comparison i'm only 5'8 and I take in 3,500cals a day, and I eat 7 meals a day. I have a fast metab. too so if I want to gain weight I need to eat this much. It may seem like a lot to you at first but just start adding like one extra meal every couple of weeks until you get used to the extra food. Some good sources of extra cals that are not high in sat. fat are oatmeal, lowfat milk/cottage cheese/yogurt, eggs, peanuts, tuna, natural peanut butter, and make sure you get some protein just before bed too so you're muscles dont waste away. Diet is really key if trying to gain weight. You can go to the gym everyday and workout for hours, if you're diet isnt in check and you're not giving youre body enough materials to recover and build, you're not gonna grow.
  8. Less reps = more muscle

    How did you come up with 1700 cals? It seems extremely low for your size. Even though you're taking in 2100 cals, even that seems too low.
  9. Less reps = more muscle

    I know you're asking specifically about workout advice, but if you're goal is to build mass, you're diet is more important than whether you're lifting reps of 8-12 or 2-6. Especially with your stats and being a hardgainer. Just make sure your putting as much, if not even more, planning into your diet as well as your workout routine. That means getting the proper caloric intake, proper amount of protein, etc.....
  10. Workout Gloves

    I guess I'm the only one that uses gloves. No callouses, better grip, and I dont have to worry about germs. Call me crazy but I like em.
  11. Protein absorption?

    damn you weigh 260 lbs? I hope you're 7 feet tall.
  12. Muscle Milk

    I believe it's 8 grams of sat. fat: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/cs/milk.html Plus having to cut out saturated fat in the rest of your diet just to make room for muscle milk? C'mon, it's not that special. Just eat some lowfat cottage cheese. Same deal.
  13. Muscle Milk

    I'm not worried about the MCT's. Take a look at the saturated fat content. Not my cup of tea.
  14. Muscle Milk

    the fat content of this stuff is ridiculous. I would say if you're looking to bulk it looks fine, otherwise, stay away.
  15. diet supplements?

    take a multi-vitamin, it covers all your basic requirements.