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Is There Anybody Except Tuners On This Board?


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Does anybody who regularly visits this board do anything besides tuner/ricer stuff? Enough with the rims, catback exhausts, and nitrous.

I am in the process of working out the details of a CLEVOR (Cleveland Heads, Windsor bottom end) for my Pantera.

DART Sportsman block, 9.5 deck height, bore TBD

Forged 4340 steel, non-twist forging, 4.00 or 4.100 stroke crankshaft, Cleveland size main journals (2.750 inches), 2.100 inch rod journals.

Forged 4340, H-Beam design, 6.200 length Scat connecting Rods.

Forged aluminum pistons, yielding a compression ratio of between 10.5 and 11.0 to 1. The pistons will be coated with thermal and anti-friction coatings.

The heads will be Australian aluminum 3V Cleveland canted valve heads.

The builder says it should make around 650HP on 92 octane. Torque should be 500+ ft/lbs from 2800 to 6800 rpm.

Pretty good for "old technology" especially when you compare that with what these "modern" overhead multi-valve more fragile engines put out.

Anybody else on this board know what I am talking about?

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Guest onisakura

laraver, youre a dumbass. None of us here on the C&B board are ricers. Just cause some of us have japanese cars does NOT make us ricers. If you took the time to read the past threads, you would know that guys like Cintron, Teklord, JoeG, Bigpoppanils, pgdiddy, aa07033 and ou812 really know their shit.

If you have anything other than shit about panteras to talk about such as "Panteras Rule!" then be our guests. But it seems thats all your automotive vocabulary is comprised of.

Thank you and have a nice day.

*Let the neg rep points commence!*


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Hey I actually got a response!

Actually if people were talking about actual cars, that they actually owned and actually did some work on themselves, other than slapping on a few parts on, it would make this board far more interesting.

Sure it's nice to debate the merits of latest Mercedes SL80000 or whatever supercar. But how many of you on this board will actually ever sit in one of those things, much less own one?

And even if you were working on a Japanese car I would respect that if you were really doing work (specing your motor from scratch, head mods, cam selection, basic hot rodding stuff) and not just throwing on a bottle of juice.

I've seen examples of MR2's and RX-7's where the people did so much more than slap on a lame body kit, some intakes and nitrous. Their efforts were certainly worth recognizing.

All I am saying is start from the bottom-up. Substance over bling.

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