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Looking for good restaurants


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Hi there :)

My friends and I will be going up to DC on March 4-5. We are looking for some good restaurant suggestions. Anything with a good vibe where we can maybe stay at for some drinks and socializing after dinner would be great :bounce:

Thanks for your help!

P.S: We heard of a place called Mie N Yu...any thoughts on this place?

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With you wanting some place to socialize afterwards, that your choices a bit.

1. 1223 - International Cuisine turns into a lounge/club after 10:00 Avoid on Wed.

2. Dragonfly - Sushi Plays electronica music after 11:00 Wed - Sat

3. Sesto Senso or Andalu - for Italian and Mediteranean cuisine - both turn into international clubs later in the week.

Celebrity Sightings:

DC Coast - One of the few DC restaurants that has a NYC vibe to it. About 10 blocks from the lounges on 18th and M.


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Thanks for the tips! :aright:

Do you recommend anywhere else since you say we may be limiting ourselves by looking for somewhere to hang out afterwards at? Looking back I guess that really isn't needed...just good food, good service, and good vibe would be cool...

Thanks again!

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