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Thursdays Update!!!!!!!!!


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Unfortunately we will NOT be doing a Grand Opening @ Whiskey Park this Thursday March 10th. We could not come to terms on the deal so we decided it was best to back out. Please accept our deepest apologies, and we hope that you can forgive us!

BUT we will be launching a BRAND NEW ROOM in early APRIL!!! Stay tuned for more details ...and let it be known that this THURSDAY night will not disappoint!!!!!


On a side note.....we ask that you help us celebrate FELT's 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY this Thursday MARCH 10th!!


X-Rated Vodka Launch Party

We would like to thank you for supporting us for the past 3 years, as we promise to continue bringing you the hottest parties in Boston!

Celebrating 3 years and the new addition to the 4th level



Sexy beats by DJ Colleen Shannon

Rsvp Required: events@feltclubboston.com

We will all be there helping our favorite club managers Brian,Shawn,Mike,Virginia and Robyn celebrate their undisputable success!!



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Below is a re-post of my original review:

Well gentlemen I just had the great pleasure of experiencing Sophia for myself.

Although I will not go into the same detail as Ripley's excellent review (my wrighting skills not quite as eloquent),I think you will get the idea.

I contacted Sophia via her website & she replied with a request for a bit more info.We communicated again & she requested a reference from another SP.No problem (tks again for the ref!You know who you are!).

Very soon after I get a call from Sophia to set it up. I let her know of my penchant for seamed stolkings & heels & also maybe a little roleplay scenario involving a businessman/secretary situation.

Well we were both getting hot just talking about it on the phone!!

"Seamed stockings?" She says."No problem,I will go out & buy some right now!"

Now that's customer service!!She even called me back to ask what colour I liked & weather I preferred stockings or pantyhose!!

I tell her I like them both but if she buys pantyhose I will have to rip them!

The hour finally comes & I call to confirm.She apologises for not being able to find stockings but ripping the pantyhose will be no problem.

I arrive & am greeted at the door by this gorgeous creature decked out in full sexy secretary regalia & a big smile.I got the feeling she was really looking forward to the activities.She makes you feel very welcome & comfortable as you walk in.

She escorts me into the bedroom & sits me down on a chair & says "I will be back shortly".

She walks in as I am pleasuring myself in anticipation of the festivities & proceeds to tease me in many ways vocally,hiking her skirt, posing etc.

Finally I can't take it anymore & begin by sucking on her toes (something she told me she enjoyed very much) & then start footfucking those gorgeous high heeled feet!!

The rest that happened was along the same lines as Ripley's experience so I will not do a repeat review.Suffice it to say,Sophia is expensive but worth every penny!!

This was my first time seeing her but not my last!!

After the party was over she took her time & offered me a massage.No clock watching here gentlemen!

We talked about many different subjects & I found Sophia to be a delightfull, engaging,intelligent woman.

Guys, do yourselves a favor!

Spoil yourselves!!

You need to experience this at least once!

Great Lady!!

Tks Sophia!!

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