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best time to take 5-HTP?


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I haven't rolled in over two years. But at my peak, my hardcore clubs and raves day my fellow associates and I were big on 5-HTP. Me personally I would literally start taking 5-htp days before I knew i was going to roll. And the actual day I was going to roll, i'd eat like 3 or four (5-HTP capsules) every few hours. VERY IMPORTANT- 5-HTP can't act alone, you need to take vitamin b-6 i believe with it. Some 5-HTP capsules contain B-6 already. ANYWAYS........... Eating all that tryptophan (5-HTP) will make you very tired. But wait til you finally pop your ROLL. ROLL comes on fast and HARDER!!!!!! But I think the duration is shorter. So go figure. Afterw my rolls all said and done. I sit back and puff some nugs and pop a few more 5-HTP. They seem to take away that E-Headache you get comming down. and help you goto sleep. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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