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WTF !?!?! .......... A FLying CAR ???

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Anyone heard of this already?... It's news to me :eek:


vo - lan - tor (vo-lan'ter) n. A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that is capable of flying in a quick, nimble, and agile manner. --intr. & tr.v. -tored, -toring, tors. To go or carry by volantor. [Lat. volare, to fly. Fr. volant, to move in a nimble and agile manner ]



Passengers: 4

Top speed @ 25,000 ft: 350 mph

Cruise speed @ 25,000 ft (80% Max Range): 315 mph

Cruise speed @ 25,000 ft (Max Range): 205 mph

Cruise speed @ Sea Level (Max Range): 140 mph

Maximum rate of climb: 5100 fpm

Maximum range: 750 miles

Net payload: 750 lbs

Fuel consumption: approx. 20 mpg

Operational ceiling: 32,000 ft

Gross weight: 2400 lbs

Installed engine power: 865 hp

Power boost (emergency): 33%

Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.5' x 8.5' x 7.5'

Takeoff and landing area: 35 ft dia

Noise level at 500 ft: 65 dba (Goal)

Vertical takeoff and landing: yes

Uses automotive gas: yes

Emergency parachutes: yes

It's supposed to be on CBS News this sunday...

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