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Attention all E-pimps...


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Final comments ...

You know, when it comes to sex, it doesnt matter if you are a teenager or an adult, if you are brillant in bed, or just starting out ... there is always more to learn. Society tells us to not talk about sex in an open, and candid, often graphic way, but why?

This candid nature is what made this board was so exceptional at times. Great topics, often great advice. Even its most simplistic flirting demonstrated how both women and men interact on a sexual level. Two great mods. Countless wonderful women and a bastion of men that wanted them.

It didnt matter if you werent getting sex. All that mattered is that you loved it. A common sentiment shared by people from highly different walks of life, married, and single.

What will never be known is what went on in private messaging that resulted from the board. I, for one, kept many a "situation" secret to even the most suspecting eye.

In the end, sometimes words are hard to express, so perhaps there is only one final gesture to be made - a raise of our glasses.

sex :kiss2::(

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