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Xanax Prices

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Hey, I'm sure this question has come up once or twice before, but unfortunately the archive has been destroyed for absolutely no reason...

ANYWAY. Xanax. The big ones, the 2mg sticks. Generally, how much do they go for if someone is buying in bulk? What if someone is only buying one or two?

Basically I'm looking for the high and the low. Thank you very much for any info.

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Also - if anybody knows - Klonapin? Is this stuff popular? Are a lot of people doing it like Xanax or is it too different?

lmao klonapins ... aka minderasers ... if you wanna completely forget everything you did for the night, take a few kloni's and drink up baby. Then next thing you know your in a jail cell for kicking in a car window, thinking its your car cause you couldnt open with your own keys...

even tho its not and its all cause of kloni's and booze :aright:

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